Madison Holcomb

Madi is a board member of Camp Encourage, writer, artist, and outspoken advocate for autistic rights. Diagnosed at thirteen, Madi has spent most of her twenty-eight years masking her autism, with various degrees of success and often painful costs. It is her passionate dream to create a world in which autistic people are able to mask less and are listened to and understood far more. 

In her spare time, Madi frequents libraries, craft stores, roleplaying forums, and tabletop roleplaying groups. She’s been known to sing along to Spotify in her car. Madi especially enjoys pampering her cat, Syrinx, who uses Madi as a pillow at night and clearly deserves all the love.

Deanna Javier

Deanna Javier is married, has a wonderful daughter and is a stay-at-home mom. She graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies and Human Services. She always felt like an outsider trying to fit in, but she just happened to be an undiagnosed autistic woman. Deanna was relieved to get her autism diagnosis at 28 years old.

Deanna reads all she can about autism. Especially about autism in children since she has a daughter who’s possibly on the spectrum. In addition to autism her special interests include reading up on the stress and health connection, writing, meditation, and listening to podcasts by latinx people. And she enjoys learning factoids about anything and everything.

Krystal VanderJagt

Krystal is passionate about issues in healthcare and how it relates to neurodiversity. She has a background in education and works full time in the healthcare field at an academic medical center in clinical research. Diagnosed with ADHD and ASD as an adult, she is driven to advocacy work and furthering her career in that direction. She is a busy mother to three children and enjoys being outside, reading, and music.

Jennifer Hill

At 47 years old, Jennifer has only had her autism diagnosis for 2 years. However, in that short time, Jennifer has delved into learning how her diagnosis is providing missing puzzle pieces to a lifelong frustration.

Jennifer lives with her husband of 22 years in their self-built tiny house skoolie. Together they enjoy practicing minimalism and self-sufficiency in the rural setting they share with their 4 rescue dogs, a rehabbed feral cat, a miniature donkey, and flock of chickens. She spends much of her time in volunteer activities and working as a caregiver to her elderly mother, as well as operating a business with her husband.
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