Our Mission

The Autistic Women’s Summit is led by and spotlights autistic women, who are hidden in plain sight due to a limited body of research, misdiagnosis, and missed diagnosis. 

Despite recent research showing that autistic men outnumber autistic women by as little as 2:1, autism is still diagnosed four times more often in males. Few providers are experienced in providing care to autistic adults, let alone autistic women. Because of financial barriers, many women survive on a laboriously researched self-diagnosis. As a result, autistic women often live in silence and isolation.

The Autistic Women’s Summit strives for the incorporation of autistics, not just the concept of autism, into today’s zeitgeist.

In tandem with autistic self-advocacy, we seek to develop reciprocal partnerships between autistics and their support networks, which have been negatively impacted by flawed information and miscommunication. Through our personal experiences, we offer professionals opportunities to learn about real-world autism and create purposeful dialogue outside the exam room or classroom.

Spotlighting autistic women and
creating partnerships between autistics and nonautistics

Our Founders

Jeanne Holverstott

Autism Specialist
Confession: Jeanne is not autistic. She is the token nonautistic. She has, however, spent 20 years listening to and learning from autistics of all ages. And those 20 years have been more valuable and enjoyable than all of her formal education (and she has plenty). The Summit was an outgrowth of a surge in women seeking diagnosis and treatment in her private practice. 

 hen she’s not spending hours reading, tweeting, and writing about autism and assisting autistics in navigating the neurotypical world, she reads voraciously, watches predictable crime dramas like a boss, walks her puppers and yearns for more, and argues about anything and everything she is passionate about.

Ashley Eshnaur

Autistic Adult
Diagnosed at 36 years old, Ashley has only spent a tiny fraction of her life on the journey of understanding what makes her tick. Ashley is driven by her own experiences as a late-diagnosed autistic person to help other autistic people, as well as their support networks, navigate the various ups and downs of the everyday situations that may impact them to a greater extent than their neurotypical peers.

Ashley is a single parent of two children. She has a bearded dragon, Mr. Kipling. She also has a dog, Mandy, who is the very best dog...everyone thinks so, and everyone should think so. Ashley’s special interests include travel, collecting coffee mugs, tattoos, The Walking Dead, Pusheen the Cat, trees, legal cases, and history (specifically all things medieval).


Autistic Adult
Danielle was diagnosed as autistic at the age of 37. Her entire life now makes sense. She spent her life up until her diagnosis in a world of her own that very few people quite understood. She still resides in that world along with her husband, two dogs (Special Agent Dale Cooper and Douglas Jones) and an annoying cat named Stinker. 

 pecial interests include traveling (anywhere, but Italy is obviously the greatest), music (her style is eclectic, yet selective and definitely stuck in the 90s), acting (A.K.A. studying people), film, comedy and everything vintage. She spends her spare time talking to her dogs, trying to stay focused (haha) and selling vintage clothing online. She would like to see more young women diagnosed so they may avoid the confusion of not knowing, which can lead to negative coping strategies and mental health issues.

Missy Woford

Autistic Adult
With 37 years of experiential expertise on the life of an autistic woman (36 of those years undiagnosed) Missy is passionate about improving the diagnostic criteria and how it is applied so that autistic women and girls are no longer lost in the diagnostic melee. 

Married with 2 very spoiled cats, Missy and her husband love tabletop roleplaying games, collectible and living card games, and board games. Missy’s special interests include musical theater (she’s a Hamilfan!), neuroscience, psychology, graphic novels, TED Talks, Twitter, and petting any animal that will let her do so. She loves the Beatles (George is her favorite) and enjoys reading scientific research papers to relax after a long day.
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