Where is the Autistic Women’s Conference located?

The Autistic Women’s Summit is located on the campus of Johnson County Community College, 12345 College Boulevard, Overland Park, Kansas 66210.

Specifically, the Summit is in the Capitol Federal Conference Center, which is located in the Regnier Center. The Regnier Center is pictured below along with a depiction of the floor plan for the first floor, where you will the Capitol Federal Conference Center.

Where do I park?

Parking is located on the lower level of the Regnier Center as seen below. Parking is free of charge.

What can I expect during check-in?

Check-in runs from 8AM-9AM in the Shull Foyer on October 10, 2020. At the check-in table, you will pick up a tote bag containing your badge, a fidget, a pen, a one-page agenda, and a USB drive with all presentation materials. Picking up your tote bag will not require any verbal interaction.

Please note: In an effort to be more eco-friendly, we are not providing any paper beyond the agenda. All materials will be on the provided USB drive.

What will conference badges look like?

Your conference badge will display your name, preferred pronouns, and a symbol indicating your openness to conversation with others. Red means “No conversation please” and green means “Open to conversation, please”.

During the conference, you are asked to wear this badge at all times.

What can I expect from the environment?

The lights in all session rooms will be dimmed at all times.

An overhead will project each presentation from a computer to a screen.

For attendees interested in taking notes, you are encouraged to bring paper or a laptop, tablet, or mobile device. Adequate charging outlets (without device power cords) will be available at designated spots in conference hallways.

Question-and-answer sessions are held at the discretion of the presenter. Those presenters open to live questions will provide 5-10 minutes after the session. Contact information will be provided for all presenters not taking questions on the day of the presentation. 

Attendees are requested to refrain from using perfume, cologne, and other fragrances for the comfort of all participants.

What can I expect from the bathrooms?

Restrooms will have paper towels and unscented soap. No automatic hand dryers will be used. The toilets flush automatically. 

How will transitions between sessions work?

Transitions are 15 minutes to enable ample time for questions, bathroom breaks, and quiet time.

We are encouraging attendees to speak quietly during transitions. 

All cell phone calls should be taken outside (weather permitting).

Is there a room where I can take a break?

The conference will have a shared, designated break room for any attendees who are experiencing any agitation or distress. The room will have dimmed lights, and the door will always be shut but not locked. White noise machines will be available. While electronics are permitted, attendees are asked to mute their device’s volume or wear headphones.

Where can I eat lunch?

There will be a lunch break from 11:45AM - 1:00PM. Food will not be provided for attendees. You will be responsible for bringing or obtaining your own lunch. No refrigeration will be provided for lunches brought from home. There are several restaurants nearby for you to choose from.
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