Autistic-Run Organizations

Autistic-Authored Blogs

  • Aspiengirl is autistic author and therapist Tania Marshall’s page with many pieces about autistic women, including her groundbreaking checklist about the traits of autism specific to females.
  • The Aspergian chronicles the autistic experience through the lens and work of autistic individuals.
  • follows the life of autistic teacher, speaker, and author Chris Bonnello.
  • Princess Aspien documents one woman’s life advocating for autistic children through interactive, fun videos and blog posts.
  • Purple Ella is an autistic lover of purple, writing and speaking about family lifestyle with an added measure of autism and chronic illness in the mix.
  • Missy Woford is an autistic writer, speaker, and consultant. Missy gives voice to a genuine autistic experience.
  • UncannyAli is an autistic artist, blogger, and art therapist in training who posts her art and her process of returning to school.

Autistic-Focused Pages

Resources for Fatigue/Burnout by Autistics

Resources about Masking by Autistics

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